Since its founding in October 2008, QuinnScape has been managed by Quinn Genzel. Quinn is best known for his popular, top-ranking travel packing apps: Packing (+TO DO!) and Packing Pro. Packing Pro has been recognized by Apple, CNN, WSJ, BBC, The New York Times, National Geographic, Expedia, Budget Travel, Fodor's, CNET, Macworld and a host of others as one of their top apps for traveling. Other app created by Quinn include a grocery shopping list app (Shopping Pro), nature appreciation apps (iLove Nature and iLove Birds), 3D VR action games (R.I.P and Ghost Buddy) and high-quality puzzles (the aQ's Pro Slider Puzzle series).

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Packing Pro 13.4 Adds COVID-19 Tasks and Items for Smarter, Safer Travel
June 22, 2021

Packing Pro Celebrates 10 Years on App Store with Anniversary Sale
April 26, 2019

Packing Pro 13.0 Summer Update Adds Great Editing Options to Travel App
June 6, 2018

Packing Pro Travel App Adds Emojis for a More Fun, Personal Experience
December 15, 2017

Packing Pro Travel App Gets More Flexible in Pre-Summer Update
May 23, 2017

Update 12.1 Strengthens Editing Capabilities in Packing Pro
Feb. 6, 2017

The New York Times Recommends Packing Pro as a Travel App Worth Downloading
June 30, 2016

Major Revamp Streamlines Packing Pro, Adds Search & Sort to In-app Catalog
May 17, 2016

Packing Pro Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary on the App Store
April 19, 2016

Packing Pro Creator QuinnScape Celebrates 7th year on the App Store
October 21, 2015

Packing Pro Adds Powerful New Editing Features to iOS Travel App
September 28, 2015

Major Pre-Summer Update Adds Dropbox and AirDrop Sharing Support to Packing Pro Travel App
May 20, 2015

Packing Pro Celebrates Its 6th Anniversary on the App Store
April 16, 2015

2014 Was Another Great Year for Packing Pro
December 16, 2014

Packing Pro 10.1 Update Adds Support for iOS 8 and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
October 9, 2014

Major Pre-Summer Update Adds Images & Alerts to Packing Pro Travel App
May 6, 2014

Major Update Adds Images & Alerts to Shopping Pro
April 29, 2014

Packing Pro Wins 2nd Place for Best Travel App in 6th Annual Best App Ever Awards
March 31, 2014

Expedia Recommends Packing Pro as one of Their Top 10 Travel Apps
Aug. 8, 2013

App Store Summer Travel Promo Features Packing Pro
June 19, 2013

Packing Pro Claims #1 Top iPad Travel App Spot in U.S. App Store
Dec. 17, 2012

Apple Recommends Packing Pro for Traveling Home for the Holidays
Dec. 5, 2011




The Erstwhile Culture Of Travel
"Today, apps like Packing Pro help the traveler pack"
 April 14, 2019

The New York Times

Apps Soothe the Packing-Averse Traveler
"[Packing Pro,] the premium version of his app ($2.99) was thorough and methodical, including pre-trip, mid-trip and post-trip to-do lists."
The New York Times
 June 14, 2017

Business Insider

5 must-have apps for people who love the outdoors
"Packing Pro is a comprehensive packing-list app that lets you make hyper-specific lists of what you'll need to pack."
Business Insider
 March 9, 2017

Conde Nast Traveller

How to Pack Any Bag in 15 Minutes
"Compose your own or use a handy app like ... the infinitely detail-oriented Packing Pro. This time-saving prep will prevent you from emptying out your whole closet or forgetting something crucial."
Conde Nast Traveler
 September 2, 2016

The New York Times

10 Free (or Cheap) Travel Apps Worth Downloading
"Here are seven free travel apps that are worth your time, and three that are worth your money...Do you like to get organized? Like, really organized? Then Packing Pro is the app for you."
The New York Times
 June 28, 2016


Die besten Urlaubs-Apps für eure Reise
"Das Tolle dabei: Die App berät euch auch beim Packen und macht passende Vorschläge, je nachdem, ob ihr etwa einen Städtetrip macht oder als Backpacker durch die Lande ziehen wollt."
W.I.R.E.D. (Germany)
 June 22, 2016


Travel apps every digital nomad needs to have to stay on the road
"1.The packing app: Packing Pro -- Packing Pro comes at $2.99, but it is money worth investing. This app helps you stay on top of the packing game and reduces the risk of forgetting something."
 June 2016


Upgrade: Serious Baggage
"Picks for Perfect Packing: For Families - Packing Pro is as 360 as it gets."
Travel+Leisure  June 2016

U.S. News and World Report

7 Pro Carry-On Packing Hacks for Your Next Weekend Getaway
"Before leaving home, it's a smart idea to plan with the right packing tools. Packing Pro ($2.99) offers an easy-to-navigate tool for creating a packing checklist."
U.S. News & World Report
 May 20, 2016

Parents Magazine

9 Great Travel Apps
"Extensive sample lists and a bevy of special features make this a go-to planner for any trip. Super-organized types, watch out: It's addictive!"
Parents Magazine
 Feb. 23, 2016

FLIPKEY by tripadvisor

Top Travel Apps To Simplify Your Trip
"Now, there's an app to make sure you never forget to pack any of those crucial items again and it's called Packing Pro."
FLIPKEY by tripadvisor
 Jan. 11, 2016


30 Ways to Use Your Smartphone When You Travel
"4. As a last-minute packing assistant: Apps like Packing Pro generate suggested packing lists based on your destination and purpose"
 Nov. 23, 2015


"A) It makes you more organized before a trip and B) it indulges a weird nostalgia, like you're checking off the boxes on your sleepaway summer camp list."
 Nov. 20, 2015

The Next Web

27 must-have travel apps for every step of your journey
"I always pack too much because I find myself saying 'I'll bring this just in case…' and then before I know it, the bag is full. Packing Pro aims to help kick that nasty habit to the curb."
The Next Web
 Aug. 17, 2015

LA Times

World cruises appeal to adventurers who are in it for the long haul
"Cruise Tip of the Week: Wondering how to pack for a 110-day — or even a seven-day — cruise? The Packing Pro app ($2.99, iOS) offers sample lists to help you get started and allows you to create new lists or modify previously created lists."
LA Times
 Feb. 20, 2015


14 travel apps to download before your next adventure
"Packing Pro helps you get organized before a trip begins and after it's over."
 Nov. 10, 2014


Secrets Of Smarter, Cheaper Vacation Planning
"As a Wal-Mart isn't always right around the corner at your destination for those things you forget to pack, apps such as Packing Pro for Apple and PackMeApp for Android devices help you pack smart and efficiently."
 June 23, 2014

USA Today

Best apps for summer travel
"Simplify the task with the Packing Pro app... This app will keep you organized."
USA Today
 June 2, 2014

Fox News

Top 5 planning tools for summer travel
"It's a must-have for the forgetful traveler."
Fox News
 May 7, 2014

Conde Nast Traveler

Best Travel Apps for Packing
"Packing Pro is a Type-A dream...anyone who travels extensively for business—or manages logistics for a large family trip—will fall for it instantly."
Conde Nast Traveler
 April 22, 2014


Appy Traveler: Best new apps for travelers
"Clumsy travel "accidents" are common, and hard to avoid. Packing Pro tries to help."
CNN Travel
 March 17, 2014

The New York Times

It Remembers, You Fold: Packing-List Apps
"Here's what families will like: Packing Pro allows you to create a master family packing list that can then be sorted by each member — husband, wife, son, daughter, 'pet.'"
The New York Times
 February 25, 2014

Budget Travel

10 Travel Apps That Save You Time and Money
"You'll never have to run out to a drugstore in an unfamiliar city again with Packing Pro"
Budget Travel
 August 20, 2013


"If you desire great syncing & sharing options, display customization, a huge catalog, lots of sample lists, & additional, built-in Expert assistance, then Packing Pro is for you!"
 July 26, 2013

The Washington Post

An organized approach makes your vacation a clean getaway
"For people who prefer a paperless method, Packing Pro is a well-regarded app that allows you to update your list on the go"
The Washington Post
 July 3, 2013

Delta Airlines

Hot List Business
"Create, sync and share your packing lists with this user-friendly app. Its display customization and built-in expert assistance will keep you on track."
Delta Airlines (Sky Magazine)  April 2013

Wall Street Journal

To Take the Hassle Out of Traveling, Pack These Apps
"Once you've booked and are ready to go, consider a packing tool like Packing Pro"
Wall Street Journal
 Jan. 2, 2013


Apps for Travelers at Holidays
"Avoid packing problems with Packing Pro, a comprehensive app that allows you to create your own packing lists or choose from several templates (i.e. family, couple, business trip)."
 Dec. 18, 2012


Gift guide 2012: Apps
"Packing Pro...helps you pack only the essentials, making it easier to dodge the pesky fees that airlines charge for overweight luggage."
BBC Travel
 Dec. 7, 2012



Business Insider

This is the app I use to make sure I don't forget to pack anything important before a trip
"The app has tons of cool features that take the guesswork out of packing a suitcase"
Business Insider
 July 17, 2017


Create your trip-specific shopping list with Packing Pro
"If you are a frequent traveler or must pack for a large family, Packing Pro is the perfect way to make sure you have everything covered."
 September 28, 2015


Packing Pro iPhone App Review
"Packing Pro is an amazing app for travel fanatis around the globe. Never having to worry about having everything is a real relief and it allows travelers to cope much better with the stress when departing."
 July 14, 2015


"Fantastic app for travelers and list-makers. The versatility and functionality is unmatched and capable of adapting or creating new systems to help you organize and never forget anything during your trip."
 June 22, 2015


Packing Pro for iOS Updated – The Perfect App For Travel
"This App has the tremendous potential to make the ordeal of packing easy on you."
 June 10, 2015


Packing Pro: Travel Listing Made Easy
"Making lists digitally allowed Quinn to reuse them and improve on them with each new trip."
 May 18, 2015


Packing Pro Update Brings Key New Features
"...I am definitely going to need something to help me stay organized as I prepare. Packing Pro's new update has everything I need."
 May 6, 2014


Review: Shopping Pro for iOS
"the mother of all shopping list apps"
 Jan. 21, 2013


Stay organized this holiday travel season with Packing Pro for iPhone and iPad
"I will definitely be taking advantage of this great packing tool the next time I travel."
 Dec. 17, 2012

Gizmodo-iPad App of the Week

iPad Apps of the Week: Packing Pro, Vinyl Tap, and More
"This app will make sure you never [forget], letting you make simple packing lists for all your excursions."
 June 1, 2012

Cult of Mac

Don't Forget A Thing For Your Vacation With Packing Pro
"...you'll be able to save time AND stay organized. What a concept, right?"
Cult of Mac
 May 30, 2012


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